“Meet Howard Stern” For Charity

Howard Stern might not be the first man to come to mind when considering great works and actions along precisely the exact same line. Really, this superstar is normally connected with adjectives such as”sleazy.” However, if news reports are to be considered, Howard Stern, or his team, is busy doing great things.

So there’s this particular auction happening right now on eBay. This was put up by the team of the Howard Stern show, and imagine what’s on auction? The King of All Media himself. The winner of this auction will have the chance to be within the studio, spend some time together with Howard Stern and the cast of this series. Here’s the IFCJ charitable section — that the profits of the auction will go to the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund. This is a hope that provides grants to organizations which work with girls in need.


You could be asking yourself why Howard Stern picked this particular trust as the receiver of his great work? The Holly Heisman Memorial Fund was really created by Dan Heisman, Stern’s former chess teacher. He did so with regard to his spouse, who died from breast cancer in 1994. The market is currently in progress, and will finish on the 12th of August.

Incidentally, this is not the sole act of charity the Howard Stern Show was involved in. From triggers like HIV/AIDS avoidance to assisting a quadriplegic person to Eritrean refugees, the team of this series have been quite active.