Bernina Sewing Machines Are Loved by the Sewing Industry

Bernina was founded in Switzerland over a century ago and has developed a reputation for producing the most effective innovative Overlock Test machines, sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery software. There are nearly 500 Bernina trained dealerships at the U.S.

The Bernina 830, that surfaced in 2008, was designed to modify the home sewing industry. Even with all the world economy in recession, sewing enthusiasts are making the decision to put money into Bernina sewing machines.

As a business, one of the greatest moves was the improvements in employee training. Every worker at Bernina can answer your technical or customer support questions. By having educated workers, Bernina provides a number of the very best customer support and guidance in the industry. Not only do clients get a fantastic product, but they have access to Bernina employees who provide an extensive sewing database of knowledge.

As a family run business, the business takes a lot of risk selling their sewing machines worldwide. However, they believe that the Bernina sewing machine can enrich the art of stitching throughout the world. This is the reason why they are dedicated to developing their employees in the craft of sewing. Bernina provides their clients with fantastic service from a knowledgeable team.

Quality, reliability, and user friendliness are in the forefront of Bernina sewing machine and quilting system designs. The sewing machines are designed to operate with an range of accessories available to make the most of user’s creativity. Bernina also supplies sewing machines to their sewing enthusiasts. Both stand alone and mix sewing embroidery machines are readily available. The benefit of the combo sewing embroidery machine is that it generates professional results to satisfy even the most demanding textile artists.

Overlockers work very quickly, improving the productivity of the worker and the home crafter. Bernina not just makes sewing, embroidery, and overlock machines, but they also make the software that optimizes the creative applications to which the machines may be put.

When stitching makes the jump from house hobby to a business, cloth artists want a sewing machine with reliability, speed, and good customer care. Bernina sewing machines offer you great reliability with an affordable cost for sewing professionals. With a Bernina sewing machine that your company will have the edge to compete with the huge sewing businesses.