Construction Software Capabilities Checklist

Present construction industry is more competitive than every and margins are tighter than ever. Companies are looking for ways to increase productivity in addition to profitability, and one way to see some big gains can be ensuring that you have the right software and are using it properly. The intention of this article is to highlight several critical capabilities that can make or break a new construction company and will help you identify if your current applications are contributing to your bottom line negatively or positively.

Job Fee Functionality: Simply, the more accurately you can track job prices, the more profitable you can be as a contractor.

Things to check for:

3. Easy to produce job cost projections

* Warning programs that notify concerned parties if/when jobs get off trail
* Real time access to costs incurred for jobs to-date.

Project Management: Ideally, you want a construction estimating system that simplifies as much of project management as possible. Any changes that are made should be automatically reflected on contracts and invoiced without requiring considerably more actions from the construction company. This not only improves efficiency, but ensures that things are not overlooked.

Things to look for:

* A new easy to access database that tracks jobs in detail
* Convenient to use forms that produce submittals, RFIs, change requests, and many others.
* The ability to track change orders from initial RFI to invoice

Service Management: If your company provides provider work, it is imperative that your technology provides the support need and enhances your customer service. Not only will your company track record increase, but you should see a big increase in ROI if this kind of technology is used effectively.

Things to look for:

* More efficient billing processes that can be automated and easily tracked
* Enhanced technology like GPS or similar tracking systems that could communicate with mobile devices and exchange data in real time

Reporting: Confirming is one of the most important, yet often overlooked abilities of development management software packages. If you have software that produces inferior accounts, your bottom line suffers in the form of lost time. Reporting ought to be easy, real-time, flexible, and customizable for the unique business needs that we all have.