Crystals Healing Wisdom

Crystals, stones and gems are wonderful and powerful allies. Deposits are also wonderful healing allies. They carry different degrees of intensity, frequencies and energies from the past. Several of these individuals have clearing, cleansing effects at physical, metaphysical and spiritual levels. They can be used to clear the air of a room, to heal a physical wound, to send absent healing or maybe to carry vibrations of love and kindness with the bearer.

There are various categories of crystals, gems and stones, those with higher eq and we like to call them with universal frequencies and those vibrating sex earth frequencies, from the ground, the soil of the Earth and now we like to call them earth grounding stones. Most of them include both physical and metaphysical meanings and use as well as healing purposes can influence moods, vibrations, emotions thus re-energize, dissipate low frequencies, absorb negativity, transform strength into positive and many more.

Within the Reiki system there is a train of using crystals to either go with a treatment, supplement a healing, send absent healing or simply make use of it for sending good vibrations around the atmosphere. It is important to realize that crystals alone can also vibrate and have their own effect although once programmed through Reiki or other energy do the job, they become ally and can be used as proxy or pets healers. Healers also find a good use with crystals in order to reconnect themselves with higher frequencies and stay tuned together with the Universe vibrations in times where there is a need to be more tightly focused. One can give any meaning or purpose to a crystal. The important aspect is to let the potential manifest itself at its unique pace.

Crystals are often taken for granted. Its beauty is also usually the only characteristics that is praised. Take a walk downtown with the intent of locating crystals and stones. Walk into the crystal shop and observe, touch, feel but also breath the air as well as take note of the vibrations. That experience only will remain with you for an extended time. A crystal shop can have similar effects as a amazingly cave.

The energy will be clean, crisp and the sounds will likely be sharp. Listen to your voice when in a crystal store and notice the tone. Before leaving, browse the stones with the hand with the intention of feeling the energy and making the stone speak its language to you. I can warranty it won’t take more than a few days before you will reach in to the same shop and purchase a stone.