Know Your Cocktail Glasses

In regards to serving cocktails, many a host or hostess has apprehensive whether he or she is using the appropriate glass or not. Does a Collins glass serve a Bloody Mary? And, can your highball be poured into a flute?

To avoid such property owners entertaining disasters, here’s the lowdown on cocktail spectacles.. No more wondering and worrying which cocktail goes into which in turn glass!

Here are some of the most popular cocktail glasses that have realized distinction for the kind of mixed drinks they serve.

one The Collins Glass – As the name suggests, you possibly can safely use this narrow tumbler for any Collins drink. Them holds between 8 and 12 ounces and, in the instance of an emergency, can even double up as a highball glass. The Collins glass is used for cocktails such as Tom Collins (and all other Collins), Zombies and Long Island Iced Tea.

two . The Champagne Flute – Tall and thin by using a tapering body, it is perfect for holding champagne cocktails. The exact flute shape keeps your champagne nice and ‘bubbly’ for long periods.

3. The Highball glass – These are fairly sizeable tumblers and are ideal for mixed drinks such as Bloody Margaret, highballs (naturally) and drinks that are meant for the Collins glass.

4. Lowball glass – A shorter plus wider version of the Highball glass, this one is intended regarding drinks with a high alcohol percentage on ice, in particular those containing whiskey or Scotch.

5. Martini Window – This is the quintessential cocktail glass and its conical contour is universally recognised as the cocktail glass. What can you offer in it? Well, obviously, martinis for one. You may also serve most of ‘up’ cocktails in them as well.

6. Hurricane glass aid This tall and elegant pear-shaped glass is ideal for frozen or simply blended cocktails. The unusual name of the glass is because the fact that its shape resembles the old vintage hurricane lighting of yore. Great for tropical or exotic drinks. Know more about the modern bar visit on our official website

six. Margarita glass – The wide bowl of the Chiribita Glass is usually 5 inches in diameter and makes intended for easy rimming with salt. While normal sized eye glasses hold between 12 and 20 ounces the Turbo Margarita Glass is available and will hold up to 60 ounces with liquid for the ultimate Margarita pa

8. Irish Caffeine glass – Great for hot beverages and cocktails, the following distinctively shaped glass holds anywhere between 8 to 13 ounces. It has a short stem and a handle.