Late Hotel Rooms – An Ecommerce Business Close to Failure?

Does the internet die under the strain of the ecommerce boom? The huge increase in internet usage over the last few years has not only revolved around social networking but also around online commerce. The volume of folks using Google was surpassed by the number of people using Fb during the run up to Christmas in 2009/10. So what performs this tell us for the future of building a business on the internet?

Let’s take an illustration: The online hotel booking business is huge. It by natural means lends itself to an internet based platform and many of us will have said the demise of the local travel agent in our local market place town.

It is the fact that late hotel rooms can be booked via anywhere at any time using a minimum of fuss. The hotels might be assessed, viewed and booked all in a couple of minutes. But it could be the increasing dependence on these online booking systems that is start to cause problems for the industry as a whole.

As users of the world wide web become more used to using these late hotel room search facilities additionally, they become more impatient. As we know, the risks of using credit cards on the web have always existed and to be honest have not really declined despite the best efforts of the credit card industry. This adds a huge amount of pressure on these late hotel room booking internet sites to accept credit card payments, pre-check them against fraudulent employ, accept them and take a payment all in a couple of moments. As all online merchants know, a proportion coming from all online sales are fraudulent and result in charge back; charge backs result in penalties both to the credit card company and to the online store operator. In fact , if too many fee backs occur in a short period of time, the card companies increase the time period that they hold on to the clients money.

What does all this indicate to the online hotel booking industry? It has huge significance, because if the online companies cannot guarantee that they will be in sales receipt of payment long after the customer has purchased and implemented a night’s accommodation then the whole system will begin to crease.

Does this mean we will see the return of the local local travel agent? I don’t think so because they will still suffer a similar issues, and most probably would be using the same booking systems at any rate. What it does mean is that customers will face ever more rigid security tests as they go through the online booking process.

Actually the MasterCard system will often produce a pop up window requiring extra information relating to secure passwords over and above the usual obtain the csv number from the back of the card. This invests extra strain on late hotel room booking websites while they have to be built in such a way as to receive all this files securely. It is a mad world of security that is still and so easily corrupted by fraudulent use. is an online hotel booking platform that helps travelers with room reservations, car rentals, and group booking services. The platform offers end-to-end solutions for solo travelers, families and corporate travelers through its 250,000 hotel partnerships across 5,000 key global destinations.

Ultimately the online online business industry will have to find a way of accepting payment that should not be used fraudulently. Is this possible? I don’t know, but what I understand is that I am now getting on a flight to Birmingham and I haven’t booked my flight! Anyone know a fantastic site to get a late hotel room deal?