Mobile Service for Online Train Ticket Booking

The exact Indian Railway has provided the SMS facility for internet ticket booking. In this case, one should register with the website with railways for availing this facility. The user should generate a “Passenger List” in his profile for the SMS booking. Many reputed mobile companies are offering this to customers.

Just what are the procedures for a customer to book the train solution on Short Messaging Service (SMS)?

Once the registration along with the website of Indian railway is over successfully, he must simply select the “mobile booking option” from the profile in order to get the full information on SMS booking. The mobile user must compulsorily demonstrate mobile number, name of the mobile operator and the transactions option. Different mobile companies are offering various code number to know the status like PNR Alert, Service, Style Based Ticket Reservation, GPRS Based Ticket Reservation and so forth The response to the SMS booking is same as reservation through Internet. Your booked ticket will be accepted just like any ordinary ticket on providing at the time of journey along with the evidence of Identity.

Some private banks are also doing the SMS priced booking as a service to the customers by charging nominal program charge. Almost all Railways are also giving the privilege pertaining to booking via SMS.

Certain travel agencies are also carried out the online ticket reservation. The customer while emergency or resulting from lack of facilities are approaching directly the ticket arranging agency for booking the ticket. The direct tactic of customers will be financially beneficial to the agencies as they are receiving nominal service charge for the same.

Booking train to Alor Setar tickets have at the moment become easier and convenient for customers who have a busy agenda and cannot find enough time to wait in a long wait patiently at railway reservation counter. These alternatives are used by way of most of the customers and railway too benefits from this.