Safe Traveling: TOP Gadgets and Gear to Keep You Safe


Are you ready for an adventure? Where do you go? There is an interesting proposal to go somewhere to the hot Greece. Greek destination is always very popular. Travel is the greatest pleasure you may have and the greatest time you can spend with friends. Hertz Athens will help you to have a comfortable trip. What about the rest? There cannot be worse thing than a spoiled trip, lost documents, stuff. Before you start travelling, make sure you are well-prepared to have a safe trip.

The most of solo travelers know everything about the risk-taking circumstances you may face with. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for a tripwith care. Just take some safety measures. It is not a problem to pack a few gadgets that do care of your safety.

Soccer Bag


Travel Lock

Sometimes, your bag is everything you have! You’d better to lock it to keep your stuff in safe. There is an interesting and simple gadget to help you. Travel lock has a dial combination to watch your bag safety. Want to lock it up? Just use right combination. Be careful, there is a special in-built program to approve your lock. It means that travel lock is really safe.

Portable Door Locks

You don’t have to hide your luggage all the time and watch the door in the cheap hotel when you are traveling alone. It’s is time to think of safety of your valise right now. There is a portable door lock! Fortunately, the lock is small and easy to keep even in your pocket! Nevertheless, it is difficult to find better protection. Just think, you have some time to call for a hotel secure or police while your helpful lock keeps bad guys out of the door. This device is popular for solo travelers.

Money Belt

This is a sort of traveling gear that is as old as the world. Money belts are always used by travelers to carry their money and documents. It is extra secure measure. Whenever you sleep, go to somewhere or just do something interesting on the go, you have to watch your money! How about using a money belt, renewed one? Don’t worry about your style and appearance. The belt looks like a usual belt with the hidden pocket in it. You can put your cards, passport, cash in and stop worry of your money safety. The belt is light and looks stylish, made of plastic. You shouldn’t take it off even in the airport security.

Close up of smartphone in hand


Offline Communication

It doesn’t matter whether you are communicative person or not. Traveling solo, you should have an opportunity to communicate with your friends, especially if you need some help or attention. Your smartphone is enough to keep always in touch. There are many useful apps that can help anytime. But what is you are offline? There is a tiny and really cool device, called goTenna that keepsyour telephone working the most of time. So, if you have lost your way somehow, you can easily type your GPS location and send it to friend or relatives. Whenever situation you have, you are always in safe!



Travel Apps

Speaking about smartphones, it is important to say something about helpful travel apps. Why do you need them? It is not a surprise that your phone may be the most helpful assistant! It keeps you in safe, because you can use GPS map to find a way, Rental24h to book a car in the unknown city, or book a hotel on your budget. There’s definitely an app for everything you want to do while you are traveling.

Safety Bracelet

How can the bracelet help you? It’s simple. There is a stylish smart bracelet that has access to your personal information. It can be medical information about you, your passports or something. There is a cheap version of it, which is called a Road bracelet or ID bracelet. It also contains all crucial information about you in case of emergency.

Mediband - Allergy - Write Your Own Information Inside Red


Beverage Safeguards

Traveling to such a hot country like Greece, you should keep your water balance up. What is more, there are many places, where the water quality is not good. It is better to use bottled water only or special filters to extract pollutants and bacteria. How can you know whether the water is good or bad? You may simply use detection strips. The procedure is simple. Just place a drop of water on the strip and wait for a minute to see if it changes color.

Everyone wants to make traveling the funniest and the most exciting event ever. You can take your friends with you, buy all necessary gear and upload all useful apps on your smartphone. No doubts, your vacation memories are only good. Don’t forget to think of your safety while you are on the go. Safety means not only body secure, it also means your money, documents, luggage, your health and good mood. Of course, you may not even use some of the given above items during your journey. But safety has priority! Just pack them all in your case.