Targeting a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Facebook marketing is a specialised field, but that does not mean that the principles in addition to common sense used in a good marketing strategy need to fly out of the eye-port. Although a social media marketing campaign can appear to be low as well as no-cost apart from the time involved, this is not the case. Using the drastically wrong platforms, getting the tone of the campaign wrong or luring the wrong sort of content can all cause costly destruction of the brand.

There is a lot to consider – here are some ideas plus examples of how customers might use the social sites.

Which will sites should be targeted?

Eschewing the obvious answer ‘as quite a few as possible’ – consider what happens on social web-sites, who uses them and how they come and head out.

Social media sites can grow rapidly – and drop out of style just as rapidly. The old ‘usenet’ groups now have very few end users, but fifteen years ago when they were the only practical means of online discussion and communication they were extremely popular. The more modern social networking sites have also waxed and waned. Myspace. com is an effective example – down from fifty million users to help twenty million in the space of one year (December this year – December 2011). Meanwhile Tumblr and Pinterest usually are growing – the rate of increase is slower versus the drop shown by other sites, but steady. Pinterest is described as ‘Facebook without the complaining’ and could well be the future ‘go-to’ social site. It allows images, videos, personal blogs, ‘likes’ and links to the other social networks, and is attracting awareness for this ‘one-stop shop’ capability.

Consider also the time used by users on social sites, rather than the number of unique visits. A short visit may count towards the access studies, but is of less use to the brand than a extended visit where the consumer is far more likely to be reading the content, moving with it and (hopefully) planning to spend some money.

For ‘time per visit’ Facebook is currently well ahead of the others. Since several Facebook users will know, it can be addictive, leading users all around their friends and to the sites that their friends include ‘liked’, and it is a good place to make hours disappear! However as Pinterest and Facebook Likes Reseller Panel grow in volume, and become considerably more integrated, the time spent on these sites per visit is also soaring.

For sheer volume, Twitter is the leader with quantities of Tweets. Of course volume is not all – analysis with the contents of tweets produces the statistic that above 45% are what was uncharitably categorised as ‘pointless babble’ – items such as ‘what do I have for dinner? ‘, ‘just fell over’ or ‘very drunk now’. Nevertheless Twitter has moved rapidly into everyday life and words, and the short hashtags and ease of use makes it ideal for the audience on the move.

How does your target audience use the social media sites?

Think for just a moment about how you use the various social sites, and how the individuals that you know use them. There are an infinite number of possible profiles, and even gathering information about how your customers see you is one of the key inputs to your social media marketing plan.