The Best False Eyelashes Are No False Eyelashes!

The top false eyelashes are the ones that you don’t put on. Though many claim that these eyelash extensions, strip lashes, individual lashes or specific flares are cheap and effective – nothing may be farther from the truth. In fact , these are highly dangerous and might prove to be irritating for most people’s eyes.

Young women tend to be infatuate of famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan who are often seen with unnaturally long eye-lash. This attitude must stop. Beauty should not consist of fake products that must be adorned on sensitive eyes. Many medical doctors note that one of the things that’s been widely reported to cause eyesight irritations are false eyelashes. Therefore , the best false sexy eyelash are the ones that are never worn.

The sales of these products are risking young women all over the world. With strong demand for seductive and fascinating eyelashes all over the charts, physicians are wary of treating a growing number of eye irritations that are caused by these. If the enthusiasm for those enhancers really cannot be tempered, one solution exists to provide an alternative: natural eyelash growth serums.

Unlike their imitation counterparts, natural serums are comprised of materials that have been clinically tested to ensure growth and safety. It just goes to prove that if ever there was something that could enhance the natural beauty of women, it needs to come from natural sources too. Herbs such as arnica get extracts that stop the loss of the eye lash hair. In contrast, these so called eyelash enhancers are comprised of chemical glues in order for them to stick.

The choice to be made is really simple: scenario use natural serums or artificial enhancers? Mother World’s bounty or the harshness of chemicals? It’s your choice to generate as it would be your eyes which would be affected.

The thing that needs to be emphasized really is safety. Our eyes are not only the glass windows to our soul but the vital organs for seeing. Enhancing them with the so-called best false eyelashes will only lead to more harm than advantages.