The Enchanting World of Bali Honeymoon Villas

For being an island covering a landmass of 5632 square km’s, the well-known tourist attraction of Bali has beach streets in abundance. And the water surrounding the island is full of beautiful through reefs. Beaches in some parts have got black sand, though other parts have got white sand, while yet other places have either. It is indeed an alluring picture. To take in all these factors, tourists need to live in idyllic settings that balance the following beauty and Bali luxury villas are the answer for this.

Plus among these Bali luxury villas are the special category of Bali honeymoon villas, which simply opens up a dream world pertaining to honeymooners. These are typically one-bedroom villas with a private share and provisions for a candle light dinner and a smaller bar with beers and soft drinks. And the honeymooners have lunch and dinner and breakfast at their private villa rental. And the breakfast offered at most of the Bali honeymoon villas are really a la carte.

And the best parts of Bali villas are often the flower offerings they make to the honeymooners. The Balinese happen to be traditionally fond of flowers and flower garlands and these are put into best use in all Bali luxury villas but in particular so at Bali honeymoon villas.

The bride and groom tend to be welcomed with flower garlands on arrival and then exceptional flower decorations are made for them. Besides land flowers, Bali is also full of water flowers like lotus and mineral water lilies and local people have expertise in making elaborate flower the decor with it. Even the special spa treatment offered to newlyweds during the Bali honeymoon villas start with a special feet washing by way of flower petals.

The spa treatment is itself a vibrant Balinese fare which includes aromatherapy and deep tissue massage therapies. The lulur therapy, which is a part of the massage given to the exact couple at Bali honeymoon villas, is an extremely purificatory body system massage. It consists of rubbing a smooth paste with turmeric, sandalwood, rice, and aromatic plants on the body. The exact cream is then left on the body to dry so that the skin absorbs the essence of all the herbs. Later it is wiped off the skin tone in smooth strokes. The very scent of the cream is really so satisfying, not to speak of its other benefits!

While most of your Bali luxury villas give their guests complimentary things, Bali honeymoon villas offer the newlyweds an impressive array of things in the house. They get complimentary souvenirs, mineral water, newspapers, and find their laundry done free. They are dropped off on request during nearby areas for shopping or sightseeing and they are made possible complimentary use of the Internet as well.

The Bali honeymoon résidences really put the newlyweds in a fairyland away from the concrete realities of time and place. Once they are out of the dreamland, it will take time for you to them to get adjusted to ground realities. Those who are never honeymooners are surely deprived of some of these facilities nonetheless even ordinary Bali luxury villas are good enough to create a strong enchanted world for pre-marriage youngsters or for the post-marriage group for whom first nuptials have become a washing away memory.