The Mace Pepper Spray Gun

It is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to defend themselves nowadays without using deadly weapons (you may thank your government for that!) If you reside in a place where crime is rampant, then you need to get a defense mechanism that is employed without fail!
Guns are Great But…

Most folks would prefer obtaining a gun (I do!) But because of legal fall out, along with other concerns, sometimes other options could be greatest. It provides you an opportunity to defend yourself without hurting anyone and most likely without having to deal with a suit from your attacker. (Doesn’t that last sentence only seem so screwed up?) Taking the closeness of your attacker into consideration, you may use this gun to temporarily distract them while you make a run for this.

Light Celtics Up, Aim and FIRE!

The Mace pepper spray gun has a trigger that is triggered with LED light. This light makes it easier for you to see where you’re aiming and hit the goal. The LED lighting will also confuse your attacker because they will be caught off guard thus giving you a chance to get away. This feature comes in handy when it is dark since you will be able to aim better. Pulling the trigger activates this LED light which makes it much easier for you to hit the target even if you’re in panic mode. You’ll come across that this gun much more useful than the customary pepper spray cans which are more difficult to aim.

The mace pepper spray gun may spray in all directions even when you inadvertently place down it. This is an perfect feature because sometimes when a person has been attacked, they become disoriented and they can’t think straight. This gun allows the spray to come out just like an aerosol from any angle. You can also spray your attacker when they’re far away since the mace rifle can spray up to 20 feet off. This is perfect since normal spray cans only work if the attacker is within close selection, which can be dangerous.

It uses the innovative Bag-in-a-Can technologies which enables the spray to emerge in a constant fashion. The gun is available in a variety of colours allowing you to choose a colour which you may camouflage nicely with your everyday outfit. At just 2.5 pounds, it is light enough to carry around without feeling bogged down by plenty of weight. At under 50 dollars, this tiny gun is a bargain and you may use it to defend yourself without the price causing a dent in your bank account. Get yourself a mace pepper spray gun today and reap the full benefits of 24 hour protection and safety.