The Most Profitable Products To Sell Wholesale

When you’re looking for the most profitable goods to market wholesale you can never go wrong with a fantastic choice of sunglasses, and also the best design of wholesale sunglasses to inventory are those that always appear to stay fashionable and current. Just as wholesale rings, earrings and necklaces in gold and silver retain their popularity every year, two long lasting sunglasses designs which have withheld the tests of the ever-changing fashion trends and fads will be the iconic Wayfarer and Aviators layouts.

Introduced and fabricated by Ray Ban from the 1950’s, the vinyl frames and silver metal piece over reflective lenses wider at the top than the base combine to make Wayfarers one of the most recognizable sunglasses designs of all time. For the last fifty years, iconic musicians and actors have made the traditional black-framed Wayfarer popular in modern civilization and synonymous with a look of sophistication that is cool.

Available in a wide variety of colors and lens tints and featuring spring hinge arms for added comfort, this vintage form of wholesale sunglasses really are a popular choice among both men and women.

The convex shape designed to cover a huge part of the eye area to reduce light from entering any angle makes this a practical and complex eyewear style that appeals to both women and men.

Part of the reason these particular wholesale sunglasses have endured has as much to do with using the latest technology to create lenses which provide superior eye protection since it does with the appeal of the classic, timeless appearances. Green lenses, common to the Wayfarer brand, consume 85% of visible light and stop most blue light exposure creating good clarity and colour contrast, whereas brown lenses provide higher contrast and clarity in low light conditions. A chemical immersion procedure in vinyl gradient Ray Ban lenses also give effective transitional shading from light to dark.

Polarized lenses average in many Aviator style of sunglasses help to reduce glare by blocking flat light off water, snow and roads, decreasing eye strain while raising the detail you can see. With the additional advantage of maximum UV protection, these lenses are an excellent selection for casual wearers, drivers and those who enjoy both winter and water sports.

Do not ignore the significance of a safe and comfortable fit when you’re choosing among these popular kinds of appealing wholesale sunglasses. Even less expensive models of designer eyewear should be made to sit evenly on your nose and behind your ears and close on your face around your eyebrows, but far enough removed that your wholesale eyelashes don’t rub the lenses.