The Way to Buy Jewelry

Are you buying jewelry photography for your first time? This short guide will help you understand and navigate the process of buying jewelry pictures. When buying jewelry photography, there are four important things you should consider. Before contacting a professional jewelry photographer, it is well worth taking a while to prepare to go over your particular requirements and the details of your project. Do your homework by asking yourself the following four questions:

First: How do you plan to use the pictures of your jewelry?

Will the pictures be used mostly for a web website? Maybe printed as postcards? Perhaps in a catalog or magazine for advertising, or merely for inventory record purposes? Maybe you will utilize the jewelry photography Los Angeles for a single purpose today and for another purpose later on.

Second: How much of your stock you want to be photographed?

If your sample line is immense, will you photograph hundreds of items? This may be expensive. Could you begin with photographing only the basis of your collection at the beginning, make some earnings with those pictures, recover some of your initial investment, and get more images later? The technique of PII (innovative inventory imaging) is a practical way to acquire great looking images on a limited budget. Do you intend to publicize your jewellery on the internet? The expense of getting visitors to an internet store is not a minimal volume! The more striking images you show on your site, the greater the chances for clients to return for more!

Third: Do you want to “own” the pictures?

The word “buying” jewelry photography isn’t true because an individual does not purchase the picture, but instead buys a permit or the rights to reproduce a specific image of photographed jewelry. Federal copyright legislation specify that the images created by the photographer become the founder’s intellectual property and thereby belong to the photographer. The photographer owns the images produced of your jewelry, and also you, the customer, buy the license to use or reproduce those pictures for your unique requirements, for a specified period of time. When dealing with specialist jewelry photographer, you will find those usage rights specified on the estimate sheet you should be getting prior to beginning with the assignment. If you anticipate to “own” the electronic picture as you paid for the assignment, no issue, you certainly can, but you would be paying more than you really need to. If the sole serving purpose of your digital image is to unlock your clients’ wallets, displaying a digital reproduction of your jewelry will produce income regardless of image ownership.

Look at it this way, what would you pay and consider fair value for a digital image that represents your diamond ring, which retails for $1200.00 in your online store? Would you want to pay the same price for that same image if it was going to be used additionally in a national print ad campaign? Definitely, the image has a greater value yet. A digital reproduction of your jewelry produces income! That is called “usage”. Usage saves money. You buy only what you need. Why pay for the above-mentioned three usages if you are going to use it for the online store only? You can re-license the image for any additional usage, when needed, and save the money for inventory!

Here are some examples of image “use” and average licensing costs in the USA:

Printed Marketing Material or Product/Packaging –

An image used in any brochure or other printed material such as direct mail, public relations or sales material distributed to a targeted audience for commercial purposes. Includes use in product packaging. Additional usage, brochure or direct mail, annual report, travel catalogs, packaging. $800 USD

Web and Electronic Broadcast –

An image used in any web, electronic broadcast media such as the Internet, email, television or presentation software. Includes use in any motion picture, video or theatrical production. Additional uses, corporate website, web advertisements, TV commercial, entertainment program, infomercial, feature film, music video. $550 USD

Print Ad or Display – An image used in any print advertisement, billboard, tradeshow, or in-store for national advertisement, point of purchase counter display, in-store posters, store wall d├ęcor, tradeshow panel or presentation. $1150 USD

All Commercial Uses or “Unlimited Usage” – Use in any medium intended for commercial or promotional purposes. $2250 USD

“Unlimited Usage” will be providing one of the greatest advantage and the priciest option, but you probably don’t actually need it all. Plan ahead, be specific, and help you save money.