The Way to Create Your Own Intellectual Property

Do not you hate it if you discuss a totally excellent idea with your colleague and she runs to a boss and introduced your thought as hers? It is completely dishonorable, totally despicable and completely disgusting if these scumbags are bathed in the light of the glory while you languish at the back-waters of obscurity. This notion of yours is an intellectual home. Do not assume that just books, lyrics, music and the likes are intellectual property. Your notions, your thoughts, your own sketches, drafts, tables and graphs are YOUR intellectual possessions that you ought to protect.

Trust us people from the creative sector has plenty of horror stories on intellectual property theft to inform. My most recent peeve is with this man from a mid-eastern bloc state who stole my posts, “How Much to Pay your Advertising Agency?” And put them in his website. I had been completely unaware before the editor in EzineArticles alerted me that my accounts together with all the renowned 2-million traffic site was suspended. She guided me to see that scumbag’s website. Ezinearticle’s policy demands that “… all submitted articles be either original articles written by you or articles to which you have an exclusive right to.

My response came sharp and rapid – stunned, stunned, anger, ruffled, indignant, grief, frustrated, and wronged. To get a marketing and promotion agency, our goods are intellectual possessions; our products are our thoughts and imagination in the kind of strategy papers, presentations, brainstorming and discussions and creative suggestions in the kind of art, replicate, scripts and storyboards. It’s not unusual for creative people to present ideas to customers and potential prospects and also have them rejected (note: even rejected notions are still your intellectual property). That is fine, different strokes for different people. What is absolutely not okay, is when that client/prospect extracts snippets of what they enjoy, short the “other” marketing agency/freelancer, and viola, a cross legged effort is born. I recalled indicating a debut garte exhibition set to get a Generation-X targeted odor launch for guys. The customer said it wasn’t consistent with everything they had in mind. We were flabbergasted because we actually believed we’d pinpointed the effort. Well, may the best campaign triumph, I had been excited about learning by the winning entry. Guess what? As soon as I walked into buying mall, I found our notion of “petrol drums as fragrance showcase”, and also the much debated “embossed metal sheet as flooring” proudly adorning the whole exhibition area. We wrote to the Managing Director a letter expressing our outrage and connected with proof of work and a invoice. He also paid.

So for all those whose intellectual possessions were stolen, stand up and struggle against these intellectual property theft and hijacks. Otherwise, not only are you the sufferer, you’re further agreeing the scumbag to victimize others. At this time, I’m reading the way to seek treatment by obtaining scumbag’s website down since he’s hijacked other authors’ contribution too. Ezinearticles’ ethics in screening all authors’ contributor by individual editors rather than through some composing applications, and the simple fact that they required the essential hard work and precautions to reduce fraud actually won my deep esteem and appreciation.

To customers out there who did not enjoy the general presentation but discovered snippets of it intriguing, my suggestion would be do or those: Get the chosen agency to reassess the ousted bureau’s job and also come out with something greater OR purchase the thought from the ousted agency. Do not go cheap by copying. Copying isn’t flattery from the creative sector; it may cause empty stomachs and businesses folding up. To imaginative abilities, my take isn’t to be victimized, do anything you can to secure your intellectual property.