Third Eye Development, Crystal Healing & Psychic Ability

couple of excellent books by Lynn Claridge

Crystal Healing

This original well written 140 page book teaches you everything you need to know technique practice crystal healing.

Lynn will teach the fantastic background of crystals and how to be in touch with the ‘Mineral Kingdom’ just by using nature. She also shows how to start in your third eye to a higher dimension. Visualization techniques and work outs are demonstrated, directing the energies in your inner procedure to activate the third eye.

Your intuition is also reached through the third eye development. As your intuition grows, your understanding, understanding and memory of the astral plane will become more lucid while in a fully wakened state. Through practice, your 3 rd eye will be activated more and more thus allowing flashes with intuition come with more regularity. She explains that we might focus our minds on the middle point between the pineal gland and the piturity body creating a magnetic field allowing you us to have greater imagination to visualize something also encouraging the energy of the mind to give life and direction to the present form. Do you want to know how to use a crystal pendulum…..?

We can most of see images or shapes after closing our face, but not many of us can understand the point to these images. The following book will show you how to realise and where they got their start in including your higher self, your spirit guides or many other spirit friends.

Many traditions and mystical practices give you the option of third eye seeing with the awareness of higher level electrical power fields.

By utilizing the third eye we can access other sheets or dimensions of the soul. The soul is referred to as just what exactly most people would define as time, the past, the present as well as future which hold memories from all these time frames. The final eye is the opening into another dimension where we will travel. Lots of people have already partially experienced this through représentation and/or dreams. Being able to tune the third eye allows united states more freedom and clarity.

Moods, food, drink and medicines all affect the very sensitive third eye. An in excess of stimulated person generally indicates that their third eye lids is open almost all the time and they could find that tv for pc or radio could cause them irritation resulting in sensorial surcharge. This could stress the body and distort the communication of your soul.

Using the techniques in this book to use your finally eye, your senses will be enhanced feeling that you are sailing on a sea of energy. Note: The activity does not generate the exact sense of the 3rd eye opener but the third eye of which generates the sense of focus and attention making it possible for balance and co-ordination for your performance. The third eye accounts for the freedom of choice, individuality and creativity.

Lynn’s easy to understand form of writing allows us to follow the more complex topics such as:

the art of restoration using crystals and their ‘make up’,
the energies in just gems and how to feed your energies into the crystals,
normal healing and healing with crystals including treatment working with crystals
chakras, auras, colours and gems
how to clear and use gems and using gems around your home
different types of crystals and how to choose and purchase crystals.

Crystal Healing can be jam packed with information and is easy to understand although very in depth. You will learn all there is to know to become a Crystal Healing Enthusiast. This book will give you the knowledge to change your own life along with the powers of crystals, help your friends, even starting your special therapy business.