What to Give or Not to Give Ladies – Gifts Ideas

It’s easy to spot a man who is out looking for a present for his better half. All you need to do is visit the ladies department or jewelry section or perhaps in which they sell flowers. Once there look for a guy who’s alone or possibly two or three guys (they believe two or more heads are better than one) walking around like the living dead.

A man is going to have an easier time looking for (and finding) the cure to the common cold, the Holy Grail and the lost city of El Dorado. But ask him to receive a gift for a lady and he will give you a glassy eyed, thousand yard stare. What exactly do you get her? Her birthday? Your anniversary? Secondly, what’s she like?

If you’re not sure of her taste, try window shopping with her. If she sees something she likes but doesn’t purchase it, take note of it and return when she is not with you and purchase it. This clearly is a sure fire method of making the best option. It is cheating I know but heyit works. Better yet, steer her towards a signature or designer collection and watch her choices then pick one and get it done later.

• Jewelry – Nothing can make a woman brighten up more than a gift that shines and sparkles. If you’re just the average Joe and not a Billionaireworld, a gift of jewelry is a sign of commitment. A signal which you’re taking her seriously. This is probably due to the cost. One does not spend what could probably be a couple of months of savings on just anybody. Word of advice though: be aware of this kind and colour of jewelry she does own and wears. This way whatever piece you give will complement her collection. If she’s easy diamond rings, a solitaire pendant can do well.

• Vacations – Another great present but again if you’re only Joe the plumber, should be just given to the selected few and due to the cost and time needed. With this gift you’re telling her that she is that important to you and you want to spend some time with her. Plan this out properly. A travel present requires preparation since she might not be able to escape from school or work. Speak to her friends and get their help in scheduling this. By doing this you’ll also make a couple points and get on their good side too.

• A sex toy – Providing she is into it, this is a general, all purpose, no event needed gift. It indicates that you’re into her (no pun intended) and that you would love to spice up things and keep the love alive.

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