Below are a few important 안전놀이터 pointers to help keep you and your loved ones remain safe.

Winter Safety Tips in Home

Check to ensure that your house includes a carbon dioxide sensor on each level, especially near sleeping areas. Keep them at least 15 feet from fuel-burning appliances.
Keep your infant’s crib free of stuffed creatures and additional blankets. A firm mattress covered with a crib sheet is everything you will need for the infant to sleep nicely . If you are concerned about keeping your baby warm on these chilly winter nights, then consider having a sleepsack (wearable blanket).
Create and practice a house fire escape plan with two ways out of your residence in the event of a fire. Make it an enjoyable activity for the entire family.


Safety Tips for In the Car

If you want to heat a vehicle, remove it from the garage immediately after starting it to prevent the probability of carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not leave a vehicle, SUV or motorcycle engine operating within a garage.
Take a couple of seconds to perform a fast walk-around before you begin the vehicle, particularly in the event that you park out. Check to be certain that your tailpipe isn’t obstructed with snow, which may also lead to issues with CO..
Wearing heavy clothing or winter jackets can stop a comfortable fit of the tap. You may think that your kid is securely snug from the automobile seat when actually the tap isn’t tight since there’s so much atmosphere in the coat. Adjust the tap while your kid’s jacket is off, then put the coat and rebuckle. The tap could be tight, but it is going to fit nicely.


Tips to Keep Safe While Playing In the Snow

Wear warm clothes, and have your children come inside periodically to reduce hypothermia or frostbite.
Make sure that your children use the correct equipment, such as helmets, when they’re skiing, snowboarding or enjoying ice hockey.
Even though it’s cold outside, it is very important to use sunscreen and remain hydrated. In comparison to adults, children are at higher risk of dehydration.
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