The Six Components of a Cuban Cigar


Premium handmade Cuban Cigars would be the end result of a carefully constructed mix of tobacco. Just like a chef, the manufacturer of your puro is a master of precision and also a skilled craftsman, capable of putting with a particular recipe of top quality materials to make your cigar. In this informative article we have a look in all the various sections of a puro and determine their participation to some cigar’s mix.

Left: The Practice of classifying wrapper leaves in El Laguito factory, Right: One of those measures of Little Cigars in El Laguito factory

Little Cigars

WRAPPER — The first and best thing to note aside a cigar’s ring and contour is that the outer foliage of a cigar which holds along the inside tobacco – called the wrapper. Cigar manufacturers are extremely meticulous about wrapper choice since the outer foliage is regarded as a cigar’s initial impression. Wrapper leaves get the best quantity of consideration and attention during structure – in the extraction procedure to wrapping it about a puro.

Wrappers fluctuate according to texture and colour. Two generic sorts of cigar wrappers are Natural, the light colored wrapper, also Maduro, the dark or black colored wrapper — used to encase the tobacco of a number of the best Cohiba Cigars. With its tobacco wrapper leaves obsolete for over five decades, that the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Cigar reflects absolutely the intricate aromas of this Maduro wrapper along with also the hard work behind its production. But it needs to be pointed out that the Maduro wrapper has to do with how its processed than just its own colour.

BINDER — Just under the wrapper leaf, the thing is there to encase the filler tobacco. Binders are a really considerable portion of a cigar since these leaves are responsible for procuring a smooth burn off and strengthening a cigar’s density and structure. Nearly all cigars are made with one nut foliage, while just a few Cuban cigars are handmade using 2. A binder tobacco foliage of excellent quality provides a constant and also burn.

Left: A heap of recently constructed Cuban cigars, Right: Cigar-makers in El Laguito factory


Little Cigars

FILLER — Protected from the thing, the filler tobacco can be found in the centre of a cigar. The leaves of this filler tobacco may accelerate the flavour of this wrapper. But lots of skilled cigar makers try to experiment in this point combing another binder using a filler tobacco which contributes to different transitions of flavor – possibly improving a cigar’s sophistication or enabling its current odor. Always strong in flavours and created by especially selected filler, binder, and wrapper leaves, the Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 – 50 Aniversario Cigardescribes brightly the harmonious bonding amongst a filler, a binder, and a wrapper leaf.

CAP — The component of a cigar in which you put your mouth when smoking, the cap is made by precisely the exact same tobacco leaf as the wrapper and you’ll be able to differentiate it with a faint line across the face of your puro. At a normal shape modification, for example that a Robusto, the taper is curved and follows slowly across the edges of the wrapper. A fantastic illustration of a round and maybe even cap, the H. Upmann Robustos Anejados Cigar, steps at 124 millimeters in length by a 50 ring gauge and is demonstrated to be quite popular among cigar aficionados. Highly proficient rollers can put on the cap with ideal symmetry and accuracy.

FOOT — The foot of a cigar is just the conclusion of it – the component that you just light. It’s essential to properly wash the foot of your puro as to ensure an even burn and stop one side of this cigar already been unevenly lit. After light your cigar, then take some time analyzing the lit cigar just to be certain the burn spreads evenly and easily.

CIGAR BAND — The group of a cigar has been evolved from the 1800s as a technique of identifying Cuban Cigars imported to Europe. The ring is there to convey a new identity, heritage, and, of course, draw your focus on a shop shelf or on the internet. By Limited Editions collections into routine productions, a cigar group may incorporate vibrant colors, vibrant imagery, and calligraphic fonts. Some cigar connoisseurs even accumulate cigar rings because most of hem are believed to be rare.

Handcrafting Cuban Cigars requires command over identifying exceptional quality and a wide understanding about nurturing and processing tobacco. Our choice of Cuban Cigars Online supplies an assortment of premium quality puros, handmade by the most skilled cigar manufacturers, strengthening your smoking enjoyment. Read a few of our current articles and Discover out what makes Cuban Cigars so unique:

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